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5 things to look into when buying floor mats for Tesla Model 3

Cars look shiny when they are newly bought; they need special care and maintenance occasionally. When it comes to customizing your car, the car floor mat plays an important role. It may not be as exciting as buying new tires or seat covers for your car, but the car floor mats help in maintaining the value and condition of your car.

Our shoes go around a lot of places, and once you get in, the deposits of dirt and grass are left behind on car floor mats. The car floor mats work like magnets for attracting all the dust and dirt. Therefore, the car floor mats need to be regularly changed as they wear and tear quickly. 

Due to the regular use, you should change the car floor mats in every two years. 

Maintaining the interior of your car is essential. For example, the car floor mats get muddy during the rainy season. Therefore, you should get good quality car floor mats that are easy to clean and would help in keeping the interior of your car clean.

Choosing a good car floor mat can be a difficult task due to the bulk of manufacturers in the market. Well, you don’t need to worry as our following buying guide has covered all the essential factors that you need to consider getting the best floor mat.

Factors to consider when buying a floor mat

  1. Ease of cleaning

The first and foremost factor to consider when it comes to car mats like Premium 3-Piece Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3, is the ease of cleaning. No one would like to spend hours cleaning the dirt on the mat of a car. Therefore, you should choose the car floor mats that are easy to clean. The car floor mat you want should have material where the mud and dirt do not stick permanently. 

Rubber is the best material for car floor mats in terms of cleaning as it does not absorb any liquid; therefore, it is spill-proof. You can easily clean off any dirt and mud from rubber. When choosing cloth or carpet floor mats, you need to be more careful as they are not quite easy to clean. 

With a rubber or vinyl floor mat, you would be able to clean off the mat using only some water and a piece of cloth. You can easily wipe off the dirt and mud and rinse it off quickly.

  1. Type of floor mat

There is a wide range of floor mats available in the market, for example, the Topfit Trunk Mats and many others. You must consider the different types so you can decide what kind of floor type will be well suited for your car. Some of the commonly known types are:

  •  Novelty floor mat

The novelty floor mat is more like a display car floor mat. It falls more into the gimmick category in contrast to the functional floor mats. The novelty floor mats can be printed or have a design on them. 

  • Custom floor mat

The custom floor mats are the standard sized mats available in the market. These floor mats have been designed to fit in most of the cars. They have a more generic and simple design. The floor mat can be trimmed to fit your vehicle easily.

  • All-weather mats

The all-weather floor mats, as the name suggests, are well suited for all weather conditions. These mats like the Maxats Tesla Model 3 All Weather Floor Mats have the property of being both water and weatherproof. As the mats are made from thick rubber, they are safe against any spillage.

  1. The material of the floor mat

The material of the floor mat is directly linked with the durability and lifespan of the floor mat. A good floor mat, just like the HAKA TOUGH Floor Mats, lasts for up to 3 years on average. You should ensure that the floor mat you choose is made from a high-quality material like HDPE plastic or rubber that is durable. 

Cloth or carpet floor mats are also durable and long-lasting. Carpet is the perfect material for those who like to drive barefoot as it is comfortable on the feet. The rubber floor mats are the longest-lasting floor mats. They are highly resilient and easy to clean.

Vinyl is also an excellent material for floor carpets. It is quite less expensive in contrast to the rubber floor mats, which are easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Size and fitting

You should have the size of your car floor mat in mind before buying the floor mat for your car. Before choosing the floor mat for your car, measure the size of your car’s floor mat to ensure that you get the floor mat of the right fitting.

Many of the floor mats size manufactured by companies are universal, which means that they are made to fit into any car easily. You can easily cut out any extra parts of the car floor mat later so that it fits according to the size of your car.

It would help if you also looked upon the shape of the floor mat because some cars have a design that prevents the universal floor mats from fitting in well.

  1. Durability

It is always wise to invest in a product that lasts longer and stays in good shape for many years, even if it costs a few extra dollars. 

Durability is an essential factor to consider when you choose floor mats like TOUGHPRO Floor Mat Accessories.

It would be best if you choose a car floor mat of good material as they last longer and are more durable in contrast to cheap quality car floor mats. That is why rubber floor mats are preferable as they offer more durability.


The floor mats are an important accessory for the car’s interior if you want to maintain the good condition of your car. Floor mats offer better footing as they are anti-slip, so they provide comfort while you drive. The floor mats also keep the interior of the car clean and well maintained.

 Our buying guide will help you choose the best floor mat for your car as you can consider each factor and find the floor mat is well suited for your car.

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