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Beam Blades Wipers for 2011 Nissan Leaf Set w/Rear Trico Tech Beam Blades Wipers Set Bundled with MicroFiber Interior…

This windshield wiper Blades set for 2011 Nissan Leaf contains a 26" Trico wiper blade for your Driver Side + a 16" Trico wiper blade for your Passenger Side Our exclusive 2-sided WiperBladesUSA MicroFiber Interior Car Cloth is designed specifically to clean the inside of your windshield to remove pollen, dust, dirt, fingerprints & moisture so that you can always Drive Clear. It works great on mirrors, touch screens & gauges too FREE Step-by-Step easy instructions (with video) for installing these Trico Force wipers in your 2011 Nissan Leaf are included. You CAN install them yourself!