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dynofit 14×1.25 Extended Lug Bolts for I3 I8 M2 M4 F80 X2 X4 X6, 2,4 Series and More, 20pcs 40mm Shank Conical Seat…

⭐ usually for rims with 15mm thickness wheel spacers, original lug bolts shank length plus wheel spacers thickness is exact what extended lug bolts you need, read the fitment in description clearly or enter your maker and year in system filter ⭐ check your original thread pitch and seat type carefully, this only fit for M14x1.25 and conical/cone seat as pics shown ⭐ Specs: 14 1.25 thread pitch, 40mm shank length, overall lenght 64mm, 17mm hex and 60 degree cone seat